How To Make A Picture Prayer Journal With Your Child

How to make a pictorial prayer journal

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Have you ever kept a prayer journal? I kept several throughout my school years, and occasionally I brave a peek at them, if only to shake my head at my adolescent prayers. 

Many people love to write their prayers. For some people the process of writing helps them to also process thoughts and prayers, but prayer journals are also a fabulous way of keeping track of prayer requests and answers from God!

So, what if your child doesn’t write, or is more of a visual person?

You, my friend, are in luck, because you can make a pictorial prayer journal just as easily as a worded one!

making prayer journal
colouring prayer journal

Prayer Journal Supplies:

  1. Notebook. This can be a fancy notebook, a school scribbler, or a bunch of paper stapled together.
  2. Pencil. Or crayon. Or pencil crayon. Or marker. Or invisible ink (not recommended).
  3. (optional) Pictures.

How to Make Your Prayer Journal

There are several ways to format your prayer journal; please choose the one that works best for your family!


Have your child draw their prayers.

If you can’t think of anything to pray for, use these 4 categories as prompts. They literally help EVERY TIME.

printable prayer templates link


Print off these super adorable pictures drawn by my friend Stephanie.
After printing off the pictures, you have even more options for making your journal!  

prayer journal pictures
  1. Cut them out, have them in a pile, and have your child choose a few to pray about each day. Each child will interpret the pictures differently based on their age and experience. Glue them into the notebook.
  2. Have your child point to the ones that apply, and/or color them. You don’t even really need a journal for this option, just a printer.

Seriously my friends, that is IT. Nothing complicated here! If you’re looking for some other ideas on praying with your kids, check out these other posts:

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