18 Ways to Create an Uplifting and Wondrous Advent

Create a Christ-centered advent tradition!

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Are you looking for simple ways to create an uplifting [read: not crazy] and wondrous Christ-centered Advent? Read on for a list of 18 ways to do so, ranging from simple enough for toddlers to meaningful traditions for teenagers.

Advent is a time of waiting in expectation for the coming Christ, both as we remember the original wait for the child and as we anticipate his return.

Advent traditions differ from regular Christmas traditions in that they typically include something to do or read daily, as opposed to something you do once.

Most of these ideas are for the 25 days of December, leading up to Christmas Day. (The one at the bottom is the easiest – you light Advent candles only once per week!)

This is a long post, I know. I recommend skimming it once for ideas, then going back to the ones that you liked! 

May your Advent be uplifting and wondrous.


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Fun Advent Countdown Ideas

1. Countdown with a homemade Advent calendar full of fun activities!

Last year I glued envelopes to a giant piece of posterboard and had the boys decorate it. We came up with a list of 25 things to do, including baking and delivering cookies, making cards for neighbours, lighting advent candles, singing Christmas carols and watching a Christmas movie. I strategically placed them in the envelopes (based on our schedule and what we could handle each day) and the boys were so excited to pull out their activity each morning.

For the utterly non-crafty in the bunch, you could also just put the ideas into 25 envelopes, or write them on 25 popsicle sticks and allow your child to choose one per day. This is an example of an advent activity that can be easily modified to the age of your children. (Here’s a website with a ton of great activity ideas for your calendar!)


2. Count down using The Truth In theTinsel

Truth in the Tinsel

This is a wonderful little e-book that takes you through 25 days of crafts based on the Christmas story. (NOTE: I found some of the crafts far beyond the abilities of my 3 and 5 year old boys, but they did love and learn from the finished product!) If you’re crafty, you might love this!

Are you a Family/Children’s Pastor? Check out the church version too!

3. Count down with my 20 simple (and fun) bedtime devotions!

There are 20 activities ranging from wandering around your house like the poor wise men searching for Jesus, to creating a manger out of a laundry basket and allowing the baby Jesus to stay the night in your child’s room. Click here or on the picture to download your free copy!

20 bedtime activities to put Christ back in Christmas

4. Count down with an Advent calendar made out of leftover candy

Allow your kids to choose their favourites to tape onto a piece of heavy paper, then let them take one off for each day of Advent. A friend of mine does this with leftover Hallowe’en candy.


5. Count down with a chocolate calendar!

If you’re looking for a treat-based calendar that you don’t have to make, I found these at Ten Thousand Villages this year.

6. Count down with a fabric countdown calendar.

We have one of these, and my boys LOVE piecing their way through the story!

7. Count down with a sticker mosaic.

This one-per-day sticker picture is so simple, yet elegant. It’s something you might want to keep on your wall after Christmas!


8. Count down using a paper chain for each day of Advent.

Each day have your child rip one off. Watch their excitement levels grow as they watch the chain become smaller! My friend does this with her daughter, and she find that the chain is particularly great for helping her understand the passage of time.


9. Count down with a random acts of kindness paper chain.

For older children, instead of a basic paper chain, write a random act of kindness idea on each link. As children tear off each link, they spend time spreading kindness!


10. Count down with a progressive manger for baby Jesus.

Add one small thing to it each day (like a twig, a small blanket, or a decoration). On Christmas Eve, fill it with a baby doll!


11. Send some wise men on a search for Jesus.

If you love the silliness of the “Elf on the Shelf” but struggle with the creepiness of telling your children he’s analyzing their goodness, consider trading him in for some wise men searching for their king.

The wise men can be as kooky as you like – traveling through fridges and dirty laundry piles, all in an effort to meet the Infant King.

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(includes picture of our Wise Man Hijinks!

12. Involve your children in your Christmas giving.

There are various ways to do this.

One year I cut out all the pictures of things we could afford, and taped them on the wall. Each day our son chose one to remove from the wall, and at the end he had narrowed it down to one item.

Last year we gave our boys the catalogues after our weekly candle lighting and had them alternate choosing something. Last year’s choices really hit home with them, and when it came to birthday time in late march, our eldest chose to raise money for another water filter! (some of our favorites: World Vision, Compassion, Gospel for Asia, World Renew, and Samaritan’s Purse.)


13. Use this funky interactive Nativity:

Interactive Nativity


14. Count down with Christian children’s Christmas picture books!

The Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie

The Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie

Mortimer's Christmas Manger

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

The Legend of the Candy Cane

The Legend of the Candy Cane


Daily Readings for December 1-25

15. Use a daily Bible reading plan.

You could follow this 24-day reading plan using the Jesus Storybook Bible. It follows the “Jesse Tree” tradition of starting at creation and continuing through Jewish history until the birth of Christ.


16. Use daily reading’s from Ann Voskamp.

Continuing with the Jesse tree idea is this lovely book by Ann Voskamp with daily readings

(NOTE: I read this one with my boys last year and they were completely lost. I recommend it for upper elementary or higher, or for some uplifting mom-time.)

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

17. Hang a daily Jesse tree ornament.

I just ordered a set of Jesse Tree ornaments off Etsy and am very excited to use them along with the included readings. We were using some paper ornaments for the past few years, but they are very much past their prime! My boys loved getting to hang a new ornament on the Christmas tree after each evening reading.

Weekly readings to use with lighting advent candles

18. Start an Advent Candle tradition.

The tradition of lighting candles on the four Sundays of Advent is an old one. This post has more on this tradition, as well as how to put together your own wreath.

Learn about the birth of Jesus this Christmas with a simple, 10-minute reading and candle lighting to do each weekend of Advent. Learn how to create this beautiful and easy memory with your kids!





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