How to talk about racism with kids

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There’s a lot in the news these days about racism and prejudice and diversity.

Does talking about diversity and prejudice and racism with your kids make you break out in hives?

Let’s talk about that today. (I like talking about things that make us squirm!)

Talking about racism and prejudice and diversity is non-negotiable in our world. We can’t pretend these things don’t exist, even in areas where there is little diversity. But the conversations don’t have to be negative. There is hope!

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We were leaving the doctor’s office when it happened. My very loud 4-year-old saw a man that had darker skin than us and was wearing a turban and he started laughing. 

Through chuckles he said, “that man looks funny!” and no matter how much I tried to shush him, he kept up with his loud statement that this man looked funny. I’m not sure if the man noticed because we had already passed him, but I was thoroughly embarrassed. I realized that my little guy hasn’t had a lot of exposure to people who look different.

And it’s time to change that.

Diversity is so beautiful, and more than that, diversity was God’s very good idea. He made us different from each other in many ways, and he did it on purpose so that we could learn from each other.

But sin and brokenness have twisted diversity in horrible ways. Our kids grow up not trusting people who look different, or laughing at them.

I saw a video online where small white children were laughing at a child with darker skin, even going so far as to hit the little boy in front of his mom and run them out of the playground. It makes us feel sick and it SHOULD. 

Sin has twisted diversity and caused slavery and colonialism and genocide and residential schools and all kinds of awful things.

But there is hope, and our kids need to know that.

The gospel of Christ is not just that our personal sins can be forgiven, but that our cultural wrongs can be made right.

His power to live in peace and love and holiness applies to us individually, and to us as a group. Diversity can become a beautiful thing again, when those of us who are in Christ start living it and preaching it. 

Trillia Newbell has written the most fantastic children’s book on this topic that I have ever read. It’s called “God’s Very Good Idea: a true story about God’s delightfully different family”.

It talks about this very thing: that God made us different on purpose. It was a very good idea. But sin broke it. Ruined it. But…that’s not the end.

Prejudice and racism and slavery do not have the last word. 

Because as Trillia says in her book:

“This is God’s very good idea: lots of different people enjoying loving him and loving each other. God MADE it. People RUINED it. He RESCUED it. He will FINISH it.”

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we and our children can live in this and show the world a better way. God’s intended way. 

So you need to go and get yourself a copy of Trillia’s book. I’ll provide a link in the video description. 

If you love the books I suggest, you can download my free list of the 10 best Christian picture books!