How to teach kids about God’s love

Teach kids about God's love

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One of my boys often wails that we don’t love him, or we don’t understand him. He’s really hard on himself, and I have no doubt that he will, at times, doubt God’s love for him too. He always says, “I’m bad, I’m bad,” when he makes a mistake.

How do I, as a Christian mama, work through this?

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One thing I am teaching him to say to himself is this:

“I am GOOD…because of Jesus.”

I believe strongly in the concept of original sin, that we as humans will simply always struggle to make good choices.

But the incredibly beautiful thing is that we have a God who stretches down and meets us in our struggles, who has forgiven us and given us the Holy Spirit to help us.

Say it with me, so you don’t forget this crucial concept!

“I am GOOD…because of Jesus.”

I really believe that one of the best ways to solidify concepts like God’s unconditional love is to use stories.  Why lecture a child about God’s love when a story will stick in their head for a lifetime?

The other day I read Never Too Little to Love by Jeanne Willis, and although I don’t think it was intended as a Christian book, I couldn’t help being moved by the parallels to our relationship with God.

In it, Tiny Too-Little, a mouse, is trying desperately to make himself taller so he can give his special friend a kiss. His special friend happens to be a giraffe, so the poor mouse just can’t make it up, and his tower comes crashing down.

The author writes,

It’s a long way down if you’re tall. But it’s an even longer way up if you’re tiny.

Isn’t that so true of our relationship with God?

Yes, it seems like a long way for a holy God to reach our sinful selves, but it’s an impossibly long distance for us to reach God on our own.

And in the end of the story? The sweet giraffe bends down and kisses the mouse. Because, “you are never too little to love.”

I would recommend this book for ages 1-5 because of its interactive features (like page pieces that stack up as the mouse makes his tower of stuff) and adorable illustrations.

You can find this book, “Never Too Little To Love” at your local library or on good old Amazon.

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Never Too Little To Love is written by Jeanne Willis and Illustrated by Jan Fearnley. It was published by Candlewick Press in 2005.

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