The easiest way to share (and remember) the gospel

The easiest way to share (and remember) the gospel

What’s the easiest way to share (and remember) the gospel? With colors!

You may have seen something called “the wordless book” or made beaded bracelets with the colors in Sunday School. But most of the color-presentations are missing something essential.

They are missing God’s motivation.

As a story-writer, I know that every character must be properly motivated. His/her actions have to have a reason, because that’s how things work in real life. We don’t do random things. Even if they may APPEAR random, they always have a reason. (Whether or not the reason is sane is another story altogether.)

When we start our gospel presentations with sin, we have a motivation problem. Why on earth would God want to save us from our sin? The answer to that question, the motivation for Christ’s sacrifice, lies BEFORE sin.

The gospel starts at creation, not at the fall. If God hadn’t created the earth and the people in it with a beautiful story and plan in mind, the fall wouldn’t have been painful. It wouldn’t have needed fixing. We wouldn’t have needed a Saviour.

So, my friend, I have a full-color gospel for you, a gospel that includes God’s motivation for sending Christ as well as a deeper understanding of the full scope of salvation. It ain’t just about getting into heaven when we die. The gospel isn’t hell-insurance.

So here is the gospel in an easy-to-remember, but fully complete, form!

Easiest way to share (and remember) the gospel

Want to print this? Free download available here.

An easy way to remember the order of the colors:

The order of the colors is almost a palindrome.

  1. The gold of heaven begins and ends our eternal story. 
  2. The green of creation and re-creation is the beginning and end of our earthly story.
  3. Black, red, white are in the middle.
  4. God’s plan of salvation hinges on the centre: the red.

Ways to use the colors of salvation with children:

using beads, a “wordless book” (a few pieces of coloured paper stapled together), or candies. 

After sharing the gospel, ask a person if they: 

  1. know that they are a sinner and in need of God’s grace
  2. believe that Jesus came to save them

If the answer is YES, they have fulfilled the scripture: “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9. Now you get the privilege of praying with this friend!

How to pray with a child:

You may want to provide your kids with a repeat-after-me prayer, but I think kids are incredibly capable of talking to God on their own. Kids don’t need a formula prayer. Just let them talk to God. You may find it helpful to prompt them using a prayer pattern like this one, but there is NO wrong salvation prayer.


2 Comments on “The easiest way to share (and remember) the gospel”

  1. I’ve loved the Wordless Book’s gospel presentation for so many years, and have used it to show kids how to share their faith as well. I love how you use the gold to start talking about God. Often I find that people start talking about heaven first thing, and in today’s culture, heaven is not even a motivation for the heart that is not already given to spiritual things.

    We need hangers for the truth and this is a good one.

    1. Yes, you are so right – most people think heaven is a boring place. It’s not a motivation. God himself is more important than his location!

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