The 9 best reasons to live in a houseful of boys

One mom's humorous take on what it is like to raise 3 sons

If I had a dollar for every time someone said one of the following things to me when I’m out with my 3 boys, I’d be living on a private island right now:

  1. Are you trying for a girl?
  2. You must be busy.
  3. *look of extreme sympathy*

Rather than divulge any personal information about my reproductive life, I think I might start printing and handing out copies of this list of all the best reasons to be raising a crop of boys!

1) Appreciation for my poop jokes.

I love a good poop joke. No, not excessive ones at the kitchen table, but a witty poop joke can crack me up anytime. Try this one on for size:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Yoop who?
No, I didn’t poo. Did you?

I truly appreciate having an easily-pleased audience when I come up with that type of gem.

2) Less clothes

Sometimes I have a choked-up-teary-eyed moment where my youngest is wearing a shirt that I remember both his brothers wearing. I could have those moments every day if I had a better memory, because almost every single article of clothing my youngest wears has been worn by both his older brothers. And since I have friends who give me their hand-me-downs, I’m quite sure I spent less than $500 in clothes in the past 8 years. Thank you triple-Y chromosome for letting me spend my money on other things (like noise-canceling headphones).

I’ve heard this low-maintentance clothing trend tends to continue on in life, so I think we’ve got it made in the clothing department. We also won’t have to go into debt to afford makeup, jewelry, accessories, and handbags. Just fancy underwear (if my friend’s teens are any indication)…but I can deal with that. And on that note we come to #3…

3) I don’t have to share

Except for the occasional time when the boys have wanted nail polish or to wear my necklaces, I doubt they’re going to want to share my sweaters and lipstick. Which works just fine for me, thank you very much.

4) Less toys

Yes, I know, boys and girls can play with the same toys. But it seems that Toys R Us hasn’t figured that out yet. Until they do, I’m very happy to easily categorize all birthday/Christmas gifts into one of five bins: vehicles, tools, marbles, Lego, and sticks.

5) Wrestling (and not wrestling)

I like wresting with my boys on the trampoline. But when they get to rough, all I have to say is “be gentle with mommy!” and the wrestling is all done. It’s a great card to play, let me tell you.

6) I get to be their first love

This is true of all mommy-son relationships, but I think it’s especially sweet when there is no sister in the mix.

7) I am the Queen Bee

This goes along with number 6, but is slightly different. There are days when it’s very nice to be the only gal in town!

8) Sticks

Seriously, it doesn’t take much to entertain this crew. Throw a bunch of sticks in the backyard and I’ve got myself a free afternoon.

9) The chance to raise the kind of men I want to see in the world

When you look around the world, you can easily see how much damage a few bad men can do in the world. (Apparently testosterone can have a negative effect on peacemaking.)

We have the chance to raise the kind of men who will build up the world instead of tearing it down. Men who will live with integrity and treat others with respect and kindness, men who love their families, and men who speak up for those who are less fortunate. I am honoured to be given that duty in triplicate, and I can only pray that I will live up to the challenge.

Rough day? Print this off and post it! (and if all else fails, use the poop jokes on the back)

How about you? What do you love most about the kids that you have?

Whether you have 1 or 10, biological or adopted or fostered or grandparented, they’re all special.

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t intended to say that boys are better than girls or any of that silliness, but simply that having a houseful of boys isn’t something to pity! If you enjoyed it, please pass it on!


The 9 best reasons to live in a  houseful of boys: parenting humor for the hard days!

17 Comments on “The 9 best reasons to live in a houseful of boys”

  1. Ha! I have 4 boys and I too received MANY varying comments most of which were not positive. I often replied with the “I have all boy toys and all boy clothes, why would I want to start with the girl stuff?” But my favorite reply was “In Biblical days I would have been considered a very blessed woman”! The look of utter surprise was priceless!

  2. Boys are awesome. I like all your reasons. They are real. Sticks… yup.. I will never forget all the sticks.

  3. This is great, Christie! Two out of my 3 are boys, and I remember being slightly petrified when I discovered I was having a son. I’m one of 4 girls, my first is a girl, and—what was I supposed to do with a BOY? Needless to say, it wasn’t scary at all, and I’ve loved raising two young men. They are such fun, pretty low maintenance, and WAY easier as teens… 😉 Thanks for sharing your boy joy! Stopping by from Hope Writers!

  4. I absolutely love being a mom to my three boys…really young men, ages 12, 15, 17. I love being part of their world: camping, hiking, fishing, football. Funny, they don’t mind being part of my world. We cook together, bake together, etc. I feel as if the Lord equipped me to be their mom and to love their world.

  5. As a mom of five boys, I would agree with all of those reasons! (Not sure where I stand on poop jokes, though. I’m apparently not as adept at those as some of you moms. Lol)
    My guys are all grown up now. And I realize even more the amazing task and honor it was to be entrusted with these little boys that became men of God.

    1. I’m so glad to hear there’s amazing stuff on the other side of this motherhood journey!! Thanks for stopping in with encouragement 🙂

  6. We have one adopted son. He is our joy and our heart. How come one minute when he doesn’t get what he wants he says he wants to kill me and tries to bite me and wants to do away with me and then when I talk it through with him explaining that we don’t talk that way he is lagging about something silly and wants me to see what he just built with his vast car collection? Yrs, he is six. Will this seemingly violence mongering continue? How do I instill in him self control even at 6!

    1. Hi Marie! Thanks for stopping by! I think it’s partially a matter of consistency – as you continue to react the same way and remind him of the same things, he will hopefully eventually learn. Occasionally there is a case of a child that needs to see a doctor because there is something more going on as well. Praying for patience and wisdom for you!

  7. Love this. I am a mom of 5 boys and yes with sticks! It’s a great toys. Sticks with rocks and I have whole hour to myself!

  8. Thank you for saying what i’ve found to be true, love my 3 boys in amongst the challenges! I too love a good poo/fart joke, i remember buying a funny fart story book for my boys which i could never read to them without cracking up myself!

  9. These are great reasons and as a mum of two boys I can totally relate to all of them. Love the odd poop joke but they usually don’t stop at one! 😫😂

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