3 Stories that stir the soul of your children

What if you could read a story that was more than a story, a story that would stay with you long after the final word?

What if you could read a story that drew you closer to God?

What if you could read that same story to your kids?

What if that story would draw your kids closer to God as well, by opening up conversations about faith in your home?

Would you read it?

With the revival of reading aloud to our children, (even children that can read perfectly fluently), comes the need for stories that stir the imagination and the soul. There are many books in the world that do one or the other, but not nearly enough that do both.

Enter…stories to stir the soul!

3 stories that will draw you and your kids closer to God

These original stories, written by yours truly, will move both you and your kids as you read, study, and learn together. They are each read-able in a single session, giving you a quick win with your kids! And if you would like more resources to help you relate the story to God’s Word, there is a study guide at the end of each story.

These stories are far different from the typical devotional-type stories that you find in a family devotional book. Rather, they will engage your child’s imagination, sending them to a different world where they learn more about God.

I loved how relatable the text was. You put us in the story to relate to the hurting and broken, which relates to the hurting and broken parts of us. The stories are written in beautifully descriptive fairy tale form. Very easy to read! I love how the questions following the stories reference to Biblical stories that relate to them, challenging the readers to imagine the details that are in the Bible and how that relates to their personal life. – Andrea, mom of 2

The Girl in the Tattered Dress

I have never, in all my life, read a story that so poignantly and compellingly described exactly what Christ has done for us. This story invites the reader beyond information and into holy experience. – Hannah, mom of 3

Even though this story was intended for children, I think it speaks to us as women as well. Our worth is sometimes confused by this world and by people’s opinion and expectations of us. Yet for God, we are more valuable than the finest diamond, he knows our name. This story is about homecoming and can suit any person, any age, anywhere. Masterpiece! I cried when I read it. – C.C, mom of 3

The Mapmaker’s Treasure

What an incredible conversation starter with my kids! While the story kept us guessing with its surprising twists, along with the well-thought discussion questions, it presents bedrock truths about the Bible and prayer in a way that kids can understand. – Hannah, mom of 3

I think the verse from John 4:6 ” I am the way, the truth and the life…” comes alive in this story in all it’s fullness and we learn that the reward of salvation can only be found through the Lord. As some try to deceive us, fool us on the wrong path so we lay astray or even shake our faith, this story brings us back to how much we really need to seek God for wisdom, strength and guidance. Loved it! – C.C. mom of 3

A sheep’s tale

This captivating story brings the truth of a familiar parable and rich, imaginative language together to create a memorable reading experience for the whole family. Thank you for this awesome resource! – Hannah, mom of 3

My daughter and I just read the first one,”A Sheep’s Tale,” before bed. Her response was an emphatic,”I REALLY liked that.” Followed by,”Who wrote that and where is it from?” When I asked her why she liked it so much she explained that she likes how it tells of how God is always with us and how He heals us. For me, it has stirred up thought and self reflection about how far from “the fold” we wander and sometimes don’t even realize until it’s too late. Thought-provoking and comforting all at the same time! – Cathy, mom of 3

I can relate to this story in many ways. Such a great metaphoric lesson both for the old and the young. Jesus is the good shepherd and this story clearly illustrates the parable of the lost sheep. Kept me wanting more even if I knew how things would end, there is a palpable suspense all the way through. Loved it! – C.C. mom of 3

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