for the love of boys!

my three sons

I have three boys. Most of my friends have daughters, plural. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on something because I don’t have daughters, but most of the time I just LOVE being a boymom. Boys are fun! Do you have sons too? Can I tell you about a fabulous ministry for parents of boys? It’s not just for families with ONLY boys, but for parents of ANY boys! Got one son in a slough of daughters or a household of testosterone? These folks are for you! Here’s their vision statement: “We believe God has uniquely designed men to be image bearers of God in a world that has often misunderstood the role of Christian manhood. At The MOB Society we encourage you to find value in who God created your son to be, fight for him instead of against him, and equip him with biblical training so he can step into the role God has for … Read More

Why I’m going to stop saying “NO” to my kids

Yes parenting

If your kids are anything like mine, you get peppered with questions at all times of day. “Can I put this paint in the freezer?” “Can I tie this rope to the banister and swing down the stairs?” “Can we eat outside?” (always asked when the weather is freezing cold) “Can I do finger painting?” “Can you jump on the trampoline with me?” “Can we make a fort under the table?” “Can we pile up every pillow, cushion, and blanket in the house at the bottom of the stairs and jump into it?” (aka ‘the bouncy castle’) “Can I fill up the squirt gun?” (again, in sub-zero temperatures) “Can you watch me do this thing?” I say NO a lot. Sometimes it’s a safety or health thing, but honestly, most of the time I say NO simply because I don’t want to be inconvenienced. It might be the thought of … Read More

when a mommy gets angry

angry mom

When I graduated from high school, my parents got me a gift. It came in a little box, it glowed in the dark, it was….a digital watch. As my dad watched me open it he said, “now you won’t be late anymore!” Thanks Dad. 🙂 Yes, I did tend to lose track of time. Did the watch help? A bit. Now, instead of ignoring time and being late, I was tending to the time and still being late! It’s a problem, I know. I’ve gotten a lot better over the years. But I do still lose track of time, particularly in the mornings. And a mother that loses track of time + three little boys who have no concept of time + a school that has a regular bell schedule = bad mornings. What do those bad mornings look like? They normally go something like this: 7:15 I get up … Read More

What does shopping with boys have to do with faith?

Shopping with boys

I took all three boys on a LONG shopping trip today. I know, I know, I can hear your thoughts from here! Bad idea. These boys (particularly the eldest) NEVER stop moving. They are in the cart, on the cart, under the cart, hanging off the side of the cart, racing down the aisles, and I even lost two of them in Costco for a couple minutes. When someone remarked on my little monkey climbing up the side of the cart, I had a brief moment where I thought “I really should be embarrassed at their behaviour”. Then I answered, “I think it comes with the Y-chromosome,” and discovered that I actually wasn’t embarrassed at all.Frankly, boys are busy. To some extent, all children are busy, but the two cookies in my boy-oreo are busier than most. I let the eldest stay home from school today because he was up half … Read More

When a rubik’s cube is your undoing

The mortifying story of how my child’s life ended over a rubik’s cube, and how I resuscitated him. I had taken my boys to a toy store to pick out a gift for Cubbie’s “secret santa” project at school. While we were there he became fixated on a rubik’s cube. Apparently his school has the option of going to “rubik’s cube practice” during the first recess, and he suddenly felt in desperate need to get in some extra practice. Not feeling the need to pay $25 for a 5 minute toy, I declined to buy the cube. Multiple times. Crying ensued. All the way home. Then under the table. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that my kids are pretty normal. They have normal failings and make normal mistakes and have normal struggles. (But they are also awesome. This is the same child that tore out of bed this … Read More

Three Truths To Remember When You’ve Been Disappointed By God

baby picture

I scrubbed crusty orange vomit from the white carpet stairs. How had I gotten to the place where I didn’t even have time to clean this up before it dried? For four years, two little boys had filled up my time and heart. I hadn’t exactly been desperate for another child. Two boys seemed like a nice, even number. They could be each other’s best friend forever, making messes and getting each other into trouble. My nose wrinkled at the acrid smell wafting through the stairwell. Both boys had been born via unplanned C-section, and that was enough surgery for me. The world had enough troubles of its own without adding more middle-class consumers. That’s what I told God. Then He spoke back. One day I walked across the parking lot to the gym, and He whispered to my heart: let me give you a daughter. The whisper was so … Read More

Birthday Project (for his 6th birthday)

Earlier this month, my sister-in-law sent my eldest son an email, asking if he would like to work with her on a birthday project that would give a gift to other people. I told him about it and he didn’t seem to really process it at the time, but the other day I asked him about it again, and he immediately said that he wanted to give a water filter and toys! So apparently there’s a lot going on in that little head. 🙂 Here’s an interview I did with him yesterday. (By the way, his name isn’t Sam, he just decided to give out a fake name for the heck of it. That’s my little goofball!) Our 3 year old has already decided that he’s going to give some of his money to his big brother for this project. So, our question to you is, would you like to … Read More

A tale of two pigs…er, mothers

This morning was the worst morning ever. No, not because I felt sick, or worried, or exhausted. I was tired, since the baby had been up crying a lot in the night, but I’ve felt worse. Much worse. This morning was the worst morning ever because I acted like it was the worst morning ever. When the boys woke up, I sent them downstairs. They came back up. They were noisy and the baby was actually sleeping, so I hissed at them. They disappointedly went back down. It felt like every thing they did pissed me off, and so I snapped and hissed like a rattlesnake about to kill its innocent prey with its venomous bite. And my prey was innocent. Now, I’ve had times where I’ve snapped and hissed, and it usually doesn’t last long. I snap out of the funk and apologize. But this time it almost felt … Read More