One easy way to connect your children with God

INSIDE: A video on how to connect God and children in a natural way! A deep stillness rested on the house, a heavy blanket over me and my gently snoring husband. But still I peered into the darkness like someone had propped my eyes open with toothpicks. What if I wasn’t doing enough to help my boys know God’s extravagant love for them? I prayed myself to sleep that night, begging God for a deeper understanding of what it meant to share His love with my kids. It turns out that there’s a simple way to introduce God into the lives of my kids without it being a daily weight on my shoulders… Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out what it is! One easy way to connect God and children I keep my eyes peeled for something I like to call the “45 second moment”. These unexpected … Read More

A better way to present the fruit of the Spirit for kids

the Fruit of the Spirit for kids

INSIDE: ‘The fruit of the Spirit for kids’ shares a way to teach kids this concept without making it another list of virtues or rules. It includes a craft and a video to explain, as well as a review of a children’s picture book on the topic.  I live in central Alberta, Canada, and we’re still in the thick of winter. Every time I sit down in my van, I squeal from the cold touch of the seat on my thighs. There are days that my nose hairs freeze up simply from breathing. Jealous? 😜 One thing I appreciate about winter is that I get to dream about my garden (no hard work involved)!  We live in a fairly small house in the middle of a suburb, but that hasn’t stopped me from turning my front (and back) yard into a lush, fruitful garden. Each year I am delighted by … Read More

Build your child’s faith through imagination

Use imaginations for Good

Don’t you just love watching children play? Every one of my boys uses their imagination differently. My eldest loves to make up stories and games, my middle boy loves to pretend to kill bad guys (Why is it that EVERYTHING can become a gun??) And my youngest likes to make rescues with his stuffed Paw Patrol characters. We use our imaginations a lot in our bedtime devotions. Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how effective it is! If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe on Youtube or Like my Facebook page so you’ll get notifications when new videos are up! Each one contains short, sweet, hope-filled ideas for spiritually parenting our kids. You can find this book, “If I Were A Mouse” by Karma Wilson on Amazon. (that’s a referral link, which means I get a small commission if you purchase through it. … Read More

Books for preteen girls!

Harmony Blues, a book for pre-teen girls!

Today I’d love to welcome Victoria Kimble to my space. Her book for preteens, “Harmony Blues” is the third in a series of books for Christian preteen girls. Victoria has graciously donated the first two books in the series as a giveaway on this, her launch week for Harmony Blues! With an average of 4.9/5 stars (and with 79 reviews on Amazon, wow!), this is a fantastic giveaway! All you need to do to enter is share this post (Pinterest, Facebook, or email a friend with preteen daughters) then comment at the bottom! Giveaway closes on Tuesday, July 4 at 9 pm MST.  I wonder if I’ll ever get over how awkward I felt in junior high. I’ve forgotten a lot of things about my childhood, but the memories of junior high are always vivid, never fading. I can picture my walk to my locker, the stairs to the classrooms, … Read More

5 simple ways to help your child pray…without making him sit still!

There is nothing in the Bible that says your child has to sit still and fold his hands in order to pray.

Ugh, it was prayer time AGAIN! My boys were wonderfully attentive all through reading time, even through devotion time. But the minute we asked them to pray, it was chaos. Feet kicked, legs squirmed, eyes darted around the room. Mouths wagged, fingers poked, and torsos wiggled. What had happened to our children? They reminded me of a ladybug crawling up my hand, incessantly moving even if I flipped my hand upside down, like something within them was resisting sitting still for even one.more.second. So why bother? I can just pray a two-sentence prayer and move on with life. And sometimes that’s ok. But if we want our kids to truly connect with God in a meaningful way, we must help them directly communicate with their Creator and Saviour. And that means pushing through the hard, uncomfortable stuff. But what if your kids are like mine – insanely squirmy and not interested in … Read More

talking about sex, pornography, and abuse with your kids

The best resources to help you start those conversations at home.

It’s time to get talking about sex. Well, sort of. You and I don’t need to talk about it. That would be weird. But we MUST talk to our kids about it. Unless we want our kids to absorb and emulate the world’s views on the topic, we must beat the world to the punch. Frankly, the world is a quick teacher. Children are accessing pornography at very young ages, often by accident (think about what would happen if they Googled “pussy”, looking for cat pictures). There are also many other children eager to initiate others into the club of understanding. Not sure if it’s actually the right time to talk to your kid about sex? Check out this fab blog post! My kids are too young (at 4, 6, and 9) for a lot of the resources out there, but we’ve already done quite a lot of age-appropriate teaching … Read More

How A Foot Washing Ceremony Can Be a Highlight of Your Easter (+ Easter Reading Plan)

Foot washing ceremony - Jesus washing feet of person in jeans

The smell of little boy feet and soap suds mingled with giggles in my kitchen. I gently tugged off a sock, then placed one of their feet in the warm water that filled my roasting pan. He tugged his foot away, but I guided it gently back into the water.  I squirted soap on the cloth and rubbed the little sweaty foot, then towel dried each toe.  After being washed, each boy picked up the cloth and washed the feet of their mom or dad.  The activity was both silly and sweet, tangible and touching (with a touch of ticklish).     Why did we do this foot washing ceremony? The idea for this ceremony comes from John 13:1-17. In this passage, Jesus was celebrating an ancient festival with his disciples, called Passover. The Passover (or Seder) meal was the lynchpin in this feast, as it carried so many reminders … Read More

a psalm for when you are plagued by envy

A family Bible study on Psalm 73

Have you ever been envious of someone? Have you felt the soul-sucking bitterness that comes with it? At one point in my life I had a friend whose house I coveted. I would gripe about how her house was WAY too big and about how much money they must spend on utilities, and avoid meeting with her.  I thought the problem was with her, when later, after we had a little distance, I discovered that the problem with actually in my heart. I had allowed the weed of envy to grow in my mind, and it had grown so big that it was distorting my vision! I don’t think that envy is something most of us ever truly conquer, but I think that Scripture shows us some ways that we can work through it in a godly way. I wrote the following Bible study to be used with older children, … Read More

How To Use This One Verse To Help Your Anxious Child

A prayer to help a child with anxiety

What can you when your child’s worries seem insurmountable? About once a month, my 6-year-old becomes gripped with the kind of worry that traps his brain in a vice and throws him into a panic. It’s usually about the future. The other night he came downstairs, terrified that someday he was going to go on a vacation and not be able to come home. Another time he spent an hour weeping over the possibility that he and his best friend would no longer be friends. What do you do in the midst of someone else’s overwhelming worry? How can you keep it from attacking your child’s mind? I am not a worrier, so it’s often hard for me to identify with him. I just want to say “well that’s silly. That probably won’t happen!” Let’s just say I learned the hard way that it doesn’t help… During times like this, I … Read More