Surviving Summer Trips Without Screen Time: The Best Audiobooks for Families

best audiobooks for families

Check out this enormous list of the best audiobooks for families! You won’t regret listening to stories instead of vegging with screens. We bought our minivan used, so we didn’t have the option of a built-in DVD player. For our first family vacation with 3 kids, we installed a portable DVD player, proud that we had joined the 21st century with our parenting moves. Only it turned out to be a BAD move. The kids begged for movies from the first moment they stepped in the van, were quiet for a big while the DVD was on, then were SUPER cranky anytime the movies turned off. I hated it. To me, the temporary quiet wasn’t enough to override the awful attitude my kids had before/after watching their movies in the van. Here’s what we did instead So we dumped the DVD player and started making much better use of our … Read More