Ready to help your child understand God's presence?

Do you struggle with teaching your child deep spiritual truths in a natural way?

 I used to feel like “family devotion time” had to be this big hairy deal, with tons of prep and time and prior thought. 

But it wasn’t until I started using my secret ingredient that it became natural. And that’s what I want for you too. 

Imagine how it will feel to finally be able to have natural faith-conversations with your kids. Imagine being able to connect with your kids or grandkids on a faith-level in the middle of your day, without them even noticing a shift!

If you’re a busy parent (or grandparent), but you aren’t getting into faith-conversations with your kids, or you’re a Sunday School teacher and are tired of wrangling inattentive preschoolers, or you just aren’t sure where to get started with teaching your kids to connect with God, Quinn’s Promise Rock can help. 

Wait, aren’t we talking about a picture book? Why yes, yes we are. 

See, stories are my secret ingredient in building my children’s faith! 

From picture books to audio dramas to full-length novels, stories have incredible power to communicate deep Biblical truth with your kids. I have never had a kid complain when I picked up a fantastic story to read to them.

So what exactly is Quinn’s Promise Rock? It’s the story of a little owl who asks a lot of questions. (Sound familiar?) Her father takes her on a journey up a mountain, into a cave, and onto the forest floor in his quest to show her that she can rely on God.

Through Quinn's Promise Rock, your child will:

  • build a firm foundation of trust in an all-present and loving God.
  • develop a goodbye ritual that will help when it's time to leave mom and dad.
  • learn that their worries are normal.
  • learn the truth of God's omnipresence, which is a big word meaning that he is everywhere!

Through Quinn’s Promise Rock,  kids are learning about God’s constant presence, his unshakable love, and his tender care over their lives.

Quinn's Promise Rock teacher's guide

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