Children’s book editing services


Struggling with your children’s book manuscript? I can help!

You might be wondering, “Why should I pay a total newbie editor to give me feedback?”

In ninth grade, when all my classmates were asked to make fifty edits on their stories, mine had less than ten. My ability to write “clean” has continued throughout my life. I now write and edit blog posts for a living. Peruse any sample of my work on this website and you’ll see a high quality of writing.

My first book, “Wise for Salvation” was the runner-up for a Word award, the biggest Christian publishing award in Canada. The editor I worked with was amazed at how little editing he needed to do.

My second book, “Quinn’s Promise Rock” is coming out in early 2019 with Harvest Kids. It is being published with less than 3% in changes from the way I submitted it to my agent two years ago.

So if you’re ready to polish your children’s book manuscript, let’s dive in!

My rate is $30/hour. Please only pay for one hour to start, and if I need more time, I’ll let you know.  Once you’ve checked out with PayPal, look for an email from me to your PayPal email address within the next 12 hours.

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