40 Days with Jesus | Full Devotional Guide


👉🏽Do you want to know Jesus and walk with God, but struggle to hear his voice?

👉🏽Do you try to have consistent time with God but feel like life always gets in the way?

👉🏽Do you struggle with prioritizing God, or being consistent in your faith walk?

👉🏽Have you tried to commit to a daily (or regular) reading of your Bible, and failed?

👉🏽Do you struggle with doubt or unbelief about God?

👉🏽Do you want to share your faith with your kids, but don’t really know where to start, or keep falling flat?

If you answered YES to any of these, you’re in the right place!

This study guide is a compilation of the 40 Days With Jesus email series. Each day, receive an email with the day’s reading and some ponder/discussion questions. Sign up here. 

Each day’s reading has the following components:

1) The day’s reading from the Gospel of Mark. Through the 40 days, we’ll read the entire Gospel!

2) A few thought-provoking questions. You can discuss them in your family (age 6+), or think about them on your own.

3) A devotional from me on what we just read.

This printable version is for those who can’t commit to 40 consecutive days, or who would rather read a piece of paper than on the screen!

As soon as you make the purchase, you will be emailed two documents:

  1. The full readings in a single PDF.
  2. A one-page document with links to the 40 individual readings.

This is not a fancy e-book, but simply a compilation of the readings. While it may not be fancy visually, it has been making waves in the spiritual realm. Many people have told me that they truly enjoyed the study. They have said that it is “beautiful” and “in-depth”. I have made a point of connecting with the book’s themes in each devotional and with Jewish and cultural history to help you truly understand the context of Jesus’ world and his teachings. Read it for 40 days and I promise, you’ll be changed!

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