fighting FOR our strong-willed kids instead of against them


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Let’s swap “stubborn kid” stories, shall we?

I’ll tell you about the time a friend asked my 3-year-old to help clean up a communal play area…and he soundly ignored her after repeated attempts to get him to help. I was mortified.

I’ll tell you about all the nitpicked meals that have gone in the compost because a certain picky eater would rather go to bed than touch his food.

Or the time this child refused, REFUSED, to go to Sunday School. The same Sunday School his mother is in charge of. Yup. He was so rude to his teacher, I wanted to hide in a corner, not go stand in front of the group and teach them about God’s love!

Then there is the child that still refuses to speak at almost 3 years old.

Can we talk about the screaming, the foot-stomping, and the slamming doors? Or perhaps we can just allude to that in our conversation. We all know it happens.

I know that it can be a great blessing to have a strong-willed child…in the long run. But before that becomes beautiful reality, there are many long years of battles ahead of us.

How do you keep from losing it when your kids won’t obey?

How do you know which behaviours are ok and which aren’t? Like really ok, not based on someone else’s expectations. Can I let my kids run in a grocery store? Can I let them hide under the racks of clothes in the clothing store? Can I let them climb that tree? Can they stand on chairs in a restaurant?

And the big one: How can I help OTHERS handle my hard-to-handle child?

The good news is, Brooke McGlothlin, author and founder of the MOB Society (Moms of Boys), has just come out with a free series of 3 videos that address these exact questions!

Her talk is specifically geared to moms of boys, because it often seems that they come with their own hard-to-handle blueprint.

When I ask if you have a “hard-t0-handle” boy, I see you nodding your head ferociously. That said, if you read that and thought “I have a hard-to-handle GIRL!”, I’m quite certain you can translate all Brooke’s teaching to your situation as well.

My friend, if you nodded your head, you need this short series. God has called us to fight for our children, not against them. It may feel more natural to fight against these stubborn, energetic little men, but when we can learn to fight for them, our families can be radically transformed. Click here or on the graphic below to sign up for the series!

It’s totally free, and will delivered straight to your inbox. I have listened to it and found it VERY helpful.

Fighting with you FOR our hard-to-handle kids,