The best Easter book you’ll read this year

Easter book

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Compared to the vast amount of books written for children about Christmas, good quality Easter books are hard to find. Thankfully, I found “The Sparkle Egg”! This beautifully illustrated book by Jill Hardie and Christine Kornacki is a refreshing change from Bible paraphrases and donkey stories.

In it, an elementary-aged boy named Sam is being eaten up with guilt over a lie he told his parents, even after they find out and forgive him. As they are preparing for Easter, they have Sam decorate a special egg. Inside, he is invited to tuck a piece of paper that depicts something he feels guilty about. When he wakes up on Easter morning, what he finds inside the egg teaches him about God’s all-encompassing forgiveness, made possible through Christ’s death and resurrection.

Not only is this book a great read, but it gives us an idea for something we can do with our own children. I’m hoping to be able to incorporate our own “sparkle eggs” into this year’s Easter celebration. Why should Christmas have all the fun?

(I have to add, the Christmas book about Sam is just as great. It’s called “The Sparkle Box”.)

I found this book at my local Christian bookstore, but it is also available on Amazon. (In Canada or in the US)

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