Birthday Project (for his 6th birthday)

Earlier this month, my sister-in-law sent my eldest son an email, asking if he would like to work with her on a birthday project that would give a gift to other people. I told him about it and he didn’t seem to really process it at the time, but the other day I asked him about it again, and he immediately said that he wanted to give a water filter and toys! So apparently there’s a lot going on in that little head. 🙂 Here’s an interview I did with him yesterday. (By the way, his name isn’t Sam, he just decided to give out a fake name for the heck of it. That’s my little goofball!) Our 3 year old has already decided that he’s going to give some of his money to his big brother for this project. So, our question to you is, would you like to … Read More

Feigning Leprosy

The following is an excerpt from my devotional book for families, and is one of five short devotions based on the same scripture passage. A friend of mine just did this one with her 3 year old son, and she just texted me to tell me that he’s loving it! “Just FYI that G loves this week’s devotions better than any ever. He loves being sick and being healed by Jesus! He pretends to puke and itch himself and then gets healed and jumps for joy and says “Now I can ride my horse! I all better!”  Jesus Heals Ten Lepers From Luke 17:11–19 One day Jesus was walking in the country, and 10 ten men called out to him, “Jesus! Have pity on us!” They wanted Jesus to heal them, because their sickness was so terrible that no one would touch them anymore. No hugs from their moms, no high-fives from their … Read More

My Cup Runs Over

Cubbie has to memorize Psalm 23 for school this year. Not my first choice for a 5 year old, since it’s pretty abstract, but there are still things to be learned, even if they’re not fully understood. Today we talked about “my cups runs over” and what that means. It means that God keeps pouring his love on us. He pours out his love, and he doesn’t stop when we’re saturated. He continues to pour…and pour…and pour…until our life runs over with his love. (whether or not we feel that love or accept that love is a completely different post!) I thought we’d do a simple experiment. So I pulled out a cup, and had Cubbie fill up the water jug. Then we poured out “God’s love” into the cup…and kept pouring. Even though the boys knew what I was going to do, it was still surprising because we’re used … Read More

Like a Charging Horse

A few years ago I started looking in earnest for a good devotional for preschoolers. Honestly, I didn’t come up with anything I really liked. I found one that I gave away at church but when it came time to actually using it with my own preschooler, I discovered that it was basically just a book of good deeds with Bible references. Very disappointing. I believe that using the Bible as a book of rules and good deeds to emulate does a disservice to our children and to the God who gave us this incredible love letter. Another one I found was very promising, but it ended up being over the head of my then-three-year-old. So I started writing my own. I’m pretty pumped to say that those devotions are actually coming out in published book form within the next few months! Woohoo! But that isn’t actually what I wanted to … Read More

A new kind of Christmas present

I don’t know about your house, but mine has too many toys. We have a lot of great ones, like a big train set, duplo, kitchen stuff, tools, costumes, instruments, and of course the obligatory bucket of random stuff. I don’t really want to get rid of any of it because it all serves a purpose, but nor do I think we need any more toys in our house! Let’s just say cleaning is not my spiritual gift. But I do have difficulty settling down to play with the boys when there are things to do. You know the list, it’s probably the same as the mental one you have going right now. All the things you should be doing instead of hanging out online, right? 😉 So I really want to get away from the to-do list and spend more time with the boys, but buying them more toys … Read More

The wise men go a-traveling!

Today, Christmas Day, our wise men are starting their journey, following the star! Last year I did it before Christmas, but after I did some research, I realized that the journey of the wise men is traditionally celebrated for the 12 days following Christmas – hence the 12 days of Christmas! This year I thought we’d extend the Christmas fun and try just that! Every day the boys are going to find the wise men looking in unusual places for baby Jesus. Following the twelve days of Christmas is a celebration called Twelfth Night, at which point we’ll celebrate the arrival of the wise men with a special dinner. The early North American colonists brought their version of the Twelve Days of Christmas over from England, and adapted them to their new country, adding their own variations over the year. For example, the modern-day Christmas wreath may have originated with … Read More

Trying to give back…

How do you teach your kids to give back? To be generous? I had a revelation recently – all of the things we were doing to “give back” were things we did on our own time, with our own money. Our children don’t know about the school supplies I packed in September or the donations we give to various organizations. And if they don’t see us doing it, how can they learn it? So in an effort to teach by example, we’re trying a few new things this Christmas. In November we packed up some Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I had my kids pick a few things of their own that they had never used, and we put them in the boxes. (I know they say they can’t take used items, but I’m not sure how they’d ever know these weren’t right off the shelf!) I had them each pick … Read More

Saving Opa

This week’s devotions have been about Noah. This evening we were wondering why God chose Noah, and then we wondered, if we chose to flood the world, who would we save? E answered: All the good people. O’s answer? Opa. Why? Because he’s funny. And that, my friends, is two little guys engaging in the Bible in their own special way! “I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you.” God’s covenant promise with Noah, Genesis 9:9

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! Please put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny will do. If you haven’t got a ha’penny then God bless you! Remember that song? It’s been running through my head all day. It probably doesn’t have much to do with kids other than that it was on a tape I used to own of John Denver and the Muppets. But the truth is, Christmas IS coming. And I think as Christian parents we often struggle with Christmas. It was such a magical time when we were kids, but then we discovered that it’s not supposed to be about the presents, and we started to resent Christmas, just a bit. We were told that it wasn’t supposed to be about the presents, but Jesus’ birth didn’t seem like a terribly exciting occasion, having learned about it every … Read More