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When you became a Christian you dreamed of someday sharing devotions and praying with your family.

I know I did.

And I bet that when you got married, you dreamed of sharing everything, including your faith.

I know I did.

I bet you dreamed of your husband leading the family in reading the Bible.

I know I did. life hasn't exactly panned out like you dreamed.

I know God led me to this group—it’s helping me flourish just as much as

it helps me encourage my children to flourish. And the best part is

I get to take it with me each time I move.

Laura (mom of 3, military family)


🙋🏻‍♀️ you're tired of nagging or passive aggressively trying to get your husband to be a spiritual leader in the home.


🙋🏻‍♀️ you're feeling a little burned out on trying to do this Christian parenting thing.


🙋🏻‍♀️ your own faith flame is burning low because you don't have anyone to hold you accountable.

If any of these describe you,  you need to join us! We are a small group of moms who are passionate about sharing Jesus with our kids and helping each other grow stronger in faith.


The founder:  Christie Thomas

I was the Children's Ministry Director in my church in Alberta, Canada for most of 2006 to 2018. 

When I wasn't leading the children's ministry, I was birthing and raising three sons in partnership with my husband, Jonathon.

Because of my work in children's ministry, I was passionate about helping my kids know Christ, but I often felt derailed by my expectations.

I expected my husband to pray and lead devotions, but I was the one who was passionate about it.

So I chafed, nagged, and passively aggressively tried to get him to take on obvious spiritual leadership. I thought our family's faith should be directly and obviously led by him, but God had equipped and empowered ME to take that on. 

Once I finally accepted that God wasn't asking me to CHANGE my husband, but instead, to rely on Him and obey Him, things shifted. 

I gave myself permission to passionately pursue Christ, and to lead my kids in prayer and devotions. I stopped inwardly chafing and nagging and passively aggressively trying to change my husband.

God changed ME.

And God has done wonderful things in our entire family as a result. 

Join me on this journey! 

-Christie Thomas

family discipleship in my family



Each month there is a simple family Bible study that you can do alone or with your family, and we talk about it as a group.


Each Monday at 2 pm EST we have a Facebook video interview with a Mom Mentor. (also available in audio format because I know video can be tough sometimes!)


Each Wednesday evening, my coleader leads a live prayer time. We have small group prayer circles for those who want something really intentional for 6 weeks.

“You get the expertise of Christie and the knowledge that she has, so that way you don't have to go scouring the internet for things when it's all right conveniently located there. You provide great resources that help us grow and mature and give us community to keep us accountable, and to lift one another up, and to fellowship and to pray for and with each other."

Shanna (mother of two boys in early elementary)

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