How to help your kids grow in faith

The Proven Process to Help Your Family Grow in Faith

Spark a faith transformation!

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    Have FANTASTIC, deep faith conversations with your kids.
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    Teach your kids the Bible without complicated curriculum.
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    Develop a family prayer life that is rich and meaningful. 
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    Start (and KEEP!) faith habits that actually stick.
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    Ditch the guilt.

As parents, we all know how guilt-inducing it is to realize yet another day has gone by and we haven't intentionally shared our faith with our kids.

Have you ever wished for a way to learn to build that habit into your day without adding a 25th hour?

Believe me, I know just how you feel!

I have 3 young boys, and used to have this lovely little habit of doing a 3 minute devotion with our boys just before bed, and it worked so well. (I mean, we did it about 4 times per week, so that was a win in my books.)

But then, our eldest got older (gasp!) and outgrew the book we were using and it all fell apart. Sigh.

We floundered to find a good time to connect with all of them spiritually for over a year, as I tried a variety of things to connect with all 3 boys at the same time. With 3 boys with a 5 year age span, that was HARD.

Does this ring true with you?

Do you long to have meaningful connection with God, but aren't sure how to get there?

Back when we were floundering about, trying to find the time to teach our kids Biblical truths, I discovered something crucial to our success.

I discovered the power of small faith habits. These small faith habits become the roots of our family faith life, enabling us to grow and flourish.

I discovered that by attaching these small habits on other habits we already had (like eating breakfast and going to bed), they were more likely to happen.

Because you know what?

Family faith isn't about doing MORE. (shocker, right?) It's about inviting Christ into what you're already doing.

Blessing your child at bedtime. 

Reading the Bible at breakfast. 

Praying in the car. 

Worshipping God at church in a way that actually connects. 


 “Even though it can be so overwhelming to think of all the things that I am "supposed" to be doing to make sure my kids grow up connected to Christ, you are able to break them down into the most manageable steps."

Sarah (mother of two boys in early/mid elementary)

And the more tiny habits you incorporate, the more your kids start to connect their faith and their life. 

They start ASKING to do devotions, to read the Bible, and to pray. 

THEY ask to do it?

Yup. No more eye rolling. 

And when your kids actually LIKE talking to you about God, like reading the Bible, and actually connect with God through worship and prayer, your family culture changes.




I know God led me to this group—it’s helping me flourish just as much as

it helps me encourage my children to flourish. And the best part is

I get to take it with me each time I move. 

Laura (mom of 3, military family)


But if you want to make these changes in your family, you can't just go scouring the internet every week, looking for new ideas.

You need a vision, otherwise you'll flounder around, never making any progress. 

You need to pick a couple key habits, and do them consistently. 

And you need community, because habit formation works best in community, because of the accountability provided when others are on the journey with you. 

Otherwise you'll never get started because you'll be overwhelmed and guilty.

Making changes is HARD. But not impossible. And the best way to make changes is to have a vision, build in TINY keystone habits, and have community support.  


“You get the expertise of Christie and the knowledge that she has, so that way you don't have to go scouring the internet for things when it's all right conveniently located there. You provide great resources that help us grow and mature and give us community to keep us accountable, and to lift one another up, and to fellowship and to pray for and with each other."

Shanna (mother of two boys in early elementary)

When you first begin to make changes in your family habits, it can be scary and awkward. But after pushing through the awkward stuff with my kids, we've found a really great balance! 

But we're still learning. 

The good news is that we don't need a theology degree to help our kids grow in faith. We just need the Holy Spirit! And the Bible. haha. But you don't need to spend $$$ on a degree to be able to share your faith with your kids.

This membership site is something that is very dear to my heart. 

As a former Children's Ministry leader, I know that most parents are dropping their kids off at Sunday School and hoping for the best. Sure, Sunday School is awesome. 

But THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to help your kids grow a deep faith is to nurture it yourself. 

So let me walk you through the process. 

As you go through the HopeGrown Faith material, you'll be introduced to the Family Faith Growth Path, which will help you gain clarity about where you currently are and direction for the future. 


“The growth path has affirmed and empowered us with greater understanding of how much our kids have grown, where we are at now, and what the next steps are. It helps us to notice growth when we would otherwise be unaware."

Jenica (international missionary and mother of two boys in preschool/early elementary)

Each resource in the membership library, and each resource I come out with on a monthly basis, targets one or more of the specific growth stages. 

Each video, each downloadable resource, each resource list is designed to help you take SMALL steps toward a lifetime of family faith. 

I want you to succeed. 

I want your kids to become like Jesus and share Him with others. 

I want to help you fulfill your calling to nurture your child's faith, while remaining confident that God is calling you and your child into His love.

I want to help you cultivate small, consistent habits that transform your family faith. 

And I want to help you do that with creativity, helping each of your unique children know Jesus. 

A personal message from me!

So you're probably wondering what exactly you'll be learning! 


Receive a small bundle of resources each month that will help you FOCUS in one key area of your family's faith life. 

You'll start to have meaningful conversations, enjoy reading the Bible, and have a deeper prayer life.


Learn to pray strategically for your kids in a 6-week prayer circle.


Join one of our challenges and really hone a skill in one area!

Take a peek inside:

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The founder:  Christie Thomas

I was the Children's Ministry Director in my church in Alberta, Canada for most of 2006 to 2018. 

When I wasn't leading the children's ministry, I was birthing and raising three sons in partnership with my husband, Jonathon.

During those years in ministry, I realized that a lot of parents felt too busy or unequipped to nurture their child's faith, and were dropping their kids off in my ministry to be trained by the "experts".

Apparently *I* was the expert! 

But I firmly believe that every parent can be an expert at guiding their own child in faith.

HopeGrown Faith simplifies family faith so you can be an expert faith-builder.

-Christie Thomas

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