when there’s a color missing from your life

glasses color life

You stand on the edge of your life, looking back. Through the blue haze of memory you see your childhood amongst cool ferns and vibrant dandelions. Your teenage years resonate with spruce and denim and navy. The falling in and out of love years are aquamarine and gold and stone, eventually settling on emerald. They eventually fade to an olive butter azure. Your life is full and colorful, and yet, something seems missing. You shrug it off and turn back to finish your days wandering in the quiet indigo pines. As you wander, a stranger ambles toward you, wearing an overcoat of many hues. He stops in front of you, and you are compelled to stop your wandering to look at his strange overcoat. He is looking directly into your eyes, and you flush, and cast your eyes to his hairline. He looks at you with a half-smile, tilts his head, … Read More

Help me name this story!

I stumble over a tree root as the crowd of angry men and women chase after me. I right myself and continue tearing through the forest before the ends of their spears and pitchforks can touch me, but I when I glance back, I see that they are gaining on me. I gasp for breath, my chest barely filling with air before it is forced out again.  As I dodge branches, my eyes begin to fill with tears. My eyes, the things that started all this trouble. No time to wonder about the past or the future now, the present is taking up all my energy. Leap over that log. Dash around that tree. Duck under that branch. I need to stop and get my bearings. I am in a part of the woods that I have never seen before, a part that seems darker and more dense than the … Read More

The mapmaker’s treasure (a short story): Part 2

Read Part 1 here or listen to the whole story told by myself! YouTube link:https://youtu.be/4uwJNOduGYE or Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/ChristieThomasAuthor/videos/1374639125884905/ Into the silence the girl spoke, “he has to be wrong. I just know it!” “Well,” said the boy, “it can’t hurt to keep going. I think we’re on the right path, and it looks like we’re at the base of the mountain already!” They agreed to keep on going despite the man’s disbelief. By now the forest was getting darker and they were getting hungry. The path became steeper and they had to stop more often to rest. After finding some edible berries along the path, they felt stronger and continued on, only to come to another fork in the road. Frustrated, they plopped down on some moss in between the two choices and pulled out the map. Before they had a chance to really study it, a young woman came walking up behind them. Her … Read More

the mapmaker’s treasure (a short story): Part 1

“I think you dropped something,” she said to the boy as she pointed at a piece of parchment on the ground. “It’s not mine,” he replied. He picked it up. Their heads knocked together as they squinted at the strange scribbles. “It looks like…” he said. “…a treasure map!” she squealed. They thrust back their chins and stared at each other with wide eyes. All at once both of them grabbed at the parchment, each trying to get a closer look at the map. After a quick scuffle and some elbow bruises, they agreed to lay it on a nearby boulder and study it together. “What do you think the treasure is?” asked the girl. “I bet it’s piles and piles of jewels and swords and armour and -” “-tiaras!” she whispered to herself as she brought her knuckles to her teeth in excitement. Suddenly, a shadow fell over them, and they realized they were not alone. … Read More

A sheep’s tale: a story of freedom

I even didn’t know I was lost until it was too late. But the shepherd found me...fought for me...endured pain for me...delivered me.

I can’t hold myself up anymore. My once snow-white wool is dingy and matted. Burrs prick through my wool and my hooves ache. My tongue is thick and dusty, and my head pounds. Where am I? I am alone. Without my family, without my friends, and most importantly, without my shepherd. How have I gotten here? My front leg snaps underneath me. I have collapsed at the bottom of a rocky gorge and as I lie in pain, I pity myself. Life with flock had felt…dull. Oh sure, it was safe and I was well fed, but there wasn’t much to do. We followed the shepherd from trickling stream to verdant hillside and back to our fold at night. It was comfortable but meaningless. One afternoon I looked up from the grass and nearby mountains caught my gaze. The snow on them gleamed in the sunlight, and their magnificence beckoned … Read More