Build your child’s faith through imagination

Use imaginations for Good

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Don’t you just love watching children play?

Every one of my boys uses their imagination differently. My eldest loves to make up stories and games, my middle boy loves to pretend to kill bad guys

(Why is it that EVERYTHING can become a gun??)

And my youngest likes to make rescues with his stuffed Paw Patrol characters.

We use our imaginations a lot in our bedtime devotions. Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how effective it is!

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You can find this book, “If I Were A Mouse” by Karma Wilson on Amazon. (that’s a referral link, which means I get a small commission if you purchase through it. Thanks for supporting this ministry!)

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Recently we acted out the story of baby Moses being rescued by the princess, and my 3 year old INSISTED that I be the baby, and he be the mommy. It was … awkward… but hilarious, I tell ya.

Imagination is such a beautiful thing, but I think as moms we don’t often remember to engage it when we’re doing devotions.

Can I give you some homework this week? Try acting out ONE Bible story with your child. If you don’t have enough people in your family to be the characters, either double up on the parts (which makes it quite funny), or use stuffed animals instead. God created our children with amazing imaginations – let’s use them!

When our eldest was 5, he came running into the kitchen, insisting that we come and see the altar he had made.

We were like **HUH??**

But when we went outside, he explained that he had made Elijah’s altar out of sticks, and was using leaves to show the fire coming down from heaven. What an imagination <— He was PLAYING Bible stories!

Speaking of imagination, I have another book to share with you, one that rejoices in the imagination God placed inside us.

I believe that one of the best ways to solidify spiritual concepts like “imagination” is to use stories.  Why lecture a child about using his imagination when a story will stick in their head for a lifetime?

The other day I read “If I were a Mouse” by Karma Wilson, who is one of my all-time favourite children’s authors. Seriously, you must check out EVERYTHING she has written.

In it, the character imagines what life would be like as an assortment of different animals. The storyline is cute and imaginative, and the rhythm and rhyme is impeccable. The book ends with this rousing reminder that creativity and imagination were planted in us by our Creator:

God is my Father, Creator, and friend. And he made me able to dream and pretend.

I would recommend this book for ages 2-6, but even us mamas can brush off our dusty imaginations sometimes!

You can find this book, “If I were a Mouse” on Amazon or, hopefully, at your local library!

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If I Were a Mouse was written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Marsela Hajdinjak-Krec. It was published by Zonderkidz in 2010.

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