Early Lent activities

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Help your kids experience Lent in a whole new way with these activities.

(1) Participate in a fun Shrove Tuesday (or anytime-before-Easter) activity that will help your kids find the thrill in Easter Sunday.

(2) Learn about sin, repentance, and forgiveness with this engaging (and short) Ash Wednesday activity.

Both activities can be done in the home or in a school/Sunday School setting.

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The Ultimate Guide To Celebrating Lent

Lent for all Christians

I first heard of Lent waaaay back when I was about 20. That first year, I decided I wanted to try to give up something for Lent: sugar. That was SO hard. And to be honest, I didn’t really understand why I was doing it.  Since then, I’ve learned a bit more about Lent. If you’re unfamiliar with it, here are a few myths and truths: Myth #1: Lent is for Catholics.  Truth: Lent is observed by Catholics and Protestants. Lent is an ancient practice that began long before “Catholic” and “Protestant” were labels used by Christians. Myth #2: Lent is 40 days long.  Truth: It’s actually 46 days! Those extra 6 days are Sundays, when tradition says that you can break your fast. Myth #3: Lent is about fasting. Truth: Well, that one was partly true, but Lent isn’t just about giving up something.  There are 3 traditional Lenten activities: prayer fasting almsgiving What … Read More

40 Realistic Lent Ideas for Kids

The season of Lent covers the 40 day period before Easter. Each year it starts on a different date (because Easter moves around), although always on Ash Wednesday. It is said that the 40 days reflect Jesus’ time of fasting and prayer in the wilderness after his baptism. Many people sacrifice something during Lent (like coffee, sweets, or shopping) as a way to tune their hearts back to God. The point of sacrificing something important is to remember that God wants to be the most important aspect of our lives. When we come to depend on a sugary snack rather than prayer during the mid-afternoon slump, Lent reminds us of our waywardness and calls us back to our first love. Would you like to observe Lent with your kids? It seems like a very adult thing to celebrate, but it is possible to make Lent meaningful for children as well. The … Read More

Can preschoolers celebrate Lent?

This year, for the first time ever, I’m trying to do a bit of teaching on Lent with my kids. We talked a bit about Ash Wednesday and how people put ashes in a cross shape on their face. When they went to bed I traced a cross on their foreheads with my finger, which got a little weirded-out chuckle from them. BUT they did remember it for a few days! 😉 The next day we started our own version of “giving up for Lent”. Every time they do something kind or sacrificial for someone they get to put a dry bean in a jar. The plan is that the jar will be full of beans by the time Easter comes around. They are really getting into it, and both older boys got to add a couple beans today. At supper, Daddy accidentally knocked over the salt, and Dodger (age … Read More

How To Help Your Child With Weather Anxiety Feel Secure

boy with weather anxiety in a storm

Help your child with weather anxiety move past his fears using this technique. My son and I were picking up party decorations when the lights flickered and thunder cracked overhead. As the checkout clerk swiped our packs of balloons and streamers, she said, “I heard there’s a tornado warning.” His little hand clutched my arm. I glanced down to see a quivering lip and huge grey eyes. Being in a tornado is one of his worst fears, and this woman had just flipped the “on” switch on his panic. I paid for our order while he peppered me with questions. “What if we don’t make it home?” “What if we get stuck here?” “What if our house flies away?” I wasn’t sure how to answer his questions, so we stood in front of the doors, watching the wind carry garbage across the parking lot and rain pound into our vehicle. WHY … Read More

The 8 Best Books About Heaven for Kids

books about heaven for kids

I was a children’s ministry director for nearly 12 years and was asked several times to recommend books about heaven for kids who had experienced loss. What follows are the ones I recommended back then, plus a few newer books. Also, if your child is directly dealing with the death of someone, this free resource has been very helpful to a lot of Christian parents! 1. Someday Heaven Larry Libby This is a book I remember vividly from my own childhood. The paintings showed me that being in heaven would be a joy, and that it was nothing to be afraid of. This is always my top recommendation as it’s also very well-researched and Biblical. I don’t remember reading all the text as a child, because it was quite long, but it provides some great talking points for parents. Check it out on Amazon. 2. Someone I Love Died Christine … Read More

Sacred Pathways Welcome

Hooray! Your Sacred Pathways Quiz is zooming toward your inbox and will be there within 15 minutes. While you’re here, let me tell you about something super exciting! 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds These 9 sacred pathways will make your child’s faith explode (in a good way)Ready to find out how to guide your child into relationship with Jesus? For the next 15 minutes ONLY, snag the complete 110 page ebook (normally $15) AND the 10 supplementary teaching videos (each about 12 minutes long, not available anywhere else)for only $10! Buy the ebook AND videos now for $10! It’s never been more important for our kids to develop a deep, honest relationship with God. With more and more people leaving the faith, it’s important that our kids don’t just believe in Jesus, they KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus. The problem is, you want to empower your kids to … Read More

Audacious simplicity: How the ascetic lifestyle can help your child love God and the world

Quiet ascetic child

Of the 9 worship styles for kids, a child that leans toward the ascetic lifestyle is likely a very thoughtful child, and may not be interested in sensory ways of engaging with God and the Bible. You could also think of this child as the minimalist. But when natural ascetics live a life of astounding simplicity, generosity, and sacrifice, the world can change for the better! Watch the movie or read the transcript (plus a few extra ideas) below for an astounding example of a famous ascetic Christian who changed the world. A few months ago, we did a family foot-washing ceremony to help our boys connect with what Jesus did at the Last Supper. One of our boys refused to participate. At first I tried to encourage him, but we both grew frustrated as he became more determined not to participate and I became more determined to make him … Read More

Sacred Pathways for Kids

These 9 sacred pathways will make your child’s faith explode (in a good way)Ready to find out how to guide your child into relationship with Jesus?It’s never been more important for our kids to develop a deep, honest relationship with God. With more and more people leaving the faith, it’s important that our kids don’t just believe in Jesus, they KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus. The problem is, you want to empower your kids to connect deeper with God but they just don’t seem interested in what you’re offering.  Have you ever felt like your kids don’t really get why you talk about God? They don’t have a real connection with God so it makes it hard for them to care, because your faith seems so abstract to them.  Is is possible to help kids truly connect with God?   In a word, yes!  If you crave a deeper understanding of your child’s faith and simple … Read More

5 ways to help an intellectual child grow in faith

intellectual child

 When I was a teenager, our church had a little Christian bookstore in it. One summer I received a gift card for the store, so I went in and bought myself a big old concordance. It was so heavy I had to carry it with two arms. My friend thought I was crazy, but I knew it would help me understand the Bible better.  What Is An Intellectual? Some children share my deep curiosity and find it easy to dive deep into topics that interest them. (Read about my experience with being an Intellectual in this article on how to love God with all your mind!) The topics may not appear to be “intellectual” as an adult sees them, though. In fact, it may look more like an obsession with dinosaurs or bacteria, but children who love to learn often connect with God in the same way. These kids may … Read More