Experience Jesus' incredible compassion,
his unexpected mission, 
and the
holy sweetness of friendship with him 
through a
40 day email series.

Each day, you'll receive:

1) The day's reading from the Gospel of Mark. Through the 40 days, we'll read the entire Gospel!

2) A few thought-provoking questions. You can discuss them in your family, or think about them on your own. 

3) A few short devotional thoughts from me on what we just read.

Article from author Teri McKinley

At the end of the 40 days, you will...

...have read an entire book of the Bible, either alone or with your kids.

...have experienced the deep compassion of Jesus Christ.

...know why Jesus had to die.

...have a fuller understanding of some of his confusing teachings.

...have established a habit of interacting with Jesus daily.

Are you ready?
Start connecting with Jesus today!