What Micah 6:8 means for moms

Micah 6:8 for moms

I’ve been feeling spiritually dry recently. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that schedules are changing around here – Dodger has given up his afternoon nap so my at-home afternoons are no longer as quiet as they used to be. Going back to work in April has also been a challenge because our office space has changed: I used to have a room near the back where I could shut the door and pray in peace, and now I have a shared office with a giant window that’s right off the main area. Not that those are insurmountable odds, but it makes spending time in private prayer and the Word a little more challenging to work into my schedule. I imagine there are others of you who struggle with the same thing, no matter what kind of life you lead! For some reason, what is … Read More

how to get out of your own head

How to stop comparing yourself to others

It was time.  I had birthed my third son and was ready to get in shape so I could wrestle with the older boys and carry the baby painlessly. I knew from experience that trying to work out in my basement wasn’t going to work for me, so I put on my workout clothes and walked into a local gym.  As I looked around, I saw all these women who looked much better than me. Immediately, my mind started imagining what these women thought when they looked at me. “Wow, SHE could sure use a gym.” “That is some serious flab under those arms.” “Two words: Thunder.Thighs.” “Looks like a five-baby paunch to me!” I knew they must be judging me. Who  wouldn’t? But as I slogged my body to the gym on a regular basis, I started getting out of my own head and began to look around.  That woman over there … Read More