Christie is available for speaking engagements at various events: parenting groups at churches and other faith-based organizations, homeschool events for parents and children, preschools, Sunday School teacher trainings, and more.

On the side you’ll see a list of topics that have previously been prepared for speaking engagements, but she is happy to craft a message that is specific to your event and audience’s needs!

As the Director of Children’s Ministries and Director of WillowWood Preschool, Christie has had much experience communicating with both children and adults.

Previous talks

  • 01

    Cultivating Authentic Faith in the Home: How parents can help their children develop a true relationship with Jesus.

  • 02

    Profoundly impact your child’s spiritual life through the simple practice of speaking blessings from Scripture over them.

  • 03

    Preschool community helper day! Discussed what it means to be an author.

  • 04

    Parent (or parent and child) class: Connecting with God through prayer.

Christie Thomas

Director of Children's Ministries and WillowWood Preschool
Bethel Community Church
Edmonton, AB Canada

Christie Thomas

Author of "Wise for Salvation: Meaningful Devotions for Families with Little Ones"
Blogger, Speaker

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