the silvery voices from on high


A long time ago, before the cares of the world bowed her low, she sat in the night at the base of a circle of wooden risers, staring into the lingering glimmer at the heart of the fire pit. Where there once was a bonfire circled with stones and boisterous children, there now was only the tiny glow, and the girl. Lights in the sky winked at her through lightyears of darkness, and the scent of wet sand gently tickled her throat. A breeze lifted the hairs on her arms as she gazed into the forsaken embers.

Her song, hushed and youthful, nevertheless opened the gates of heaven itself, and as it went in, another sound came out. An ensemble of voices lifted in the wind, and she caught her breath. Was it the other children? No. This was too tune-perfect to be them. Besides, they were all off eating snacks and playing jokes on one another.

No, this was not human.

A song of praise, in a language unknown to the girl, drifted to her ears and burrowed deep through skin and muscles and bones, right into her beating heart.

It lasted but a moment before the night sounds returned, but in that brief moment a flame kindled in her heart. It would grow and recede, weaving through the years and the joys and the sorrows, but it each time it burned down to embers, someone would come and breathe gently on it, reigniting it once again.

You might not believe me, but this is not a fictional story. This honestly happened to me when I was working at camp, the summer I was 17. For many years I have held onto the belief that I heard angels, or the sounds of people worshipping God in heaven. Whatever it was, it beckoned.

I recently stumbled upon an artist that reminds me of what I heard, and I have been listening to one of her albums on repeat for a week now.

You can check out the album here.

I was going to write about it, but honestly the iTunes official review says it all!

Why do I tell you this?

First, I want you to take a listen! Second, if you love it, go over to Facebook and enter the contest I’m running right now for a free download of this album.

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When a girl lifts her voice to the heavens and the heavens speak back. Angels, God's voice, heaven.

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