when everyone seems to be tuning you out

tuning you out

Do you ever feel like no one is even listening, like the world is tuning you out?

Your voice seems to bounce right off your children.
Your voice isn’t heard on the committee.
Someone has actually told you to shut up.
You’re a blogger and it seems like no one ever reads what you’ve written.
Your spouse is so invested in social media that they absorb your words without hearing them.

There are just as many ways to be unheard as there are ways to be heard.

It’s a noisy world, I get it. We can’t listen to everyone. But what about when you have something really important to say?

When your kids desperately need to hear the caution or the grace you are offering…
When the committee would honour God so much better if they implemented your ideas…
When the world would be safer if you stood up for yourself and for others…
…if someone actually listened to the words of life you want to give them.

In a world of selfies and dramatic personal style, of sports cars and hair dye, where everyone is screaming to be noticed, it is easy to feel ignored, invisible…transparent…like a ghost that someone walks through: they feel a momentary chill, then shake it off and continue snapping selfies and talking loudly on their cell phones.

Last week I was feeling crushed, invisible by virtue of being under a weight I couldn’t bear anymore. Nobody could see that I was struggling. When I finally took 5 minutes to be alone, for some reason I clicked over to a post that I had written a month ago and had just been posted on another blog. They were exactly the words that I needed to hear.

My own words, typed in a fury of inspiration, written for someone else, encouraged my own heart a month later.

The Word of God will not return void.

His words, given to us and sent out to the world, do not ever return without accomplishing His purposes. They may seem to fall on deaf ears, but they are never a waste. Part of the purpose of the words given to me last month was to encourage my heart this month. Perhaps no one else heard them, but I did, and that’s what matters.

The Word of God did not return void.

“As the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return to it without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Isaiah 55:10, 11

Do you feel like you’re walking around under an invisibility cloak, screaming for someone to see past the invisibility to the glory within? Remember today that His word does not return void, and the words that you throw out from beyond your invisibility cloak, if they are God’s words, will not return void. And when they return, they will make a little hole in your invisibility cloak, revealing the beautiful creation within.

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4 Comments on “when everyone seems to be tuning you out”

  1. not looking at the numbers can be so hard Christie, especially when it is your job. I’ve had to let go, and trust that God will bring me to where I need to be at the right time. I figure it’s his deal right?? I will do my part, showing up everyday, but it is His job to numbers and likes and things like that don’t necessarily about the results. I’ve also found that what we see isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of what is behind the scenes. I truly believe that one day we will stand in front of the throne and we will be shown what our actions have really meant…good and bad. Be encouraged sweet girl…you are already amazing!

    1. aww, thanks Lisa! You are so right. I was just listening to a podcast about not feeling like promoting your words is “self-promotion” because it’s simply trying to get the words into the right hands. But that does feel like a lot of work sometimes!

  2. I have learned that God uses us even when we don’t realize we are being used. Our words can at times, be from the Creator Himself. Yesterday I received an email from someone who unknowingly answered a prayer. Her words encouraged me so I sent back a response. Little did I know, but God would use my words to her as her answer to prayer. Be encouraged Christie. God is using you even when you don’t realize it.

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