4 Ways To Help Your Anxious Child

4 ways to help your anxious child

Guest post by Amy Fritz   In 2013, I sat on the floor of my child’s room and listened to an epic,emotional meltdown. She didn’t have the ability to put words to what she was feeling and I was mystified. It took a few rounds of this scenario playing out for me to understand that what she was dealing with was anxiety.  I wanted to help my anxious child, but I didn’t know where to start. As a Christian, I knew that praying was important. We were praying, but my child was still struggling. I longed for some practical tools. Over the last 4 years, some trial and error, and with the help of a counselor, I’ve learned some things that have been helpful. 1) Pay attention to physical body changes If you’ve had several seasons of anxiety struggles with your kids, you may have noticed patterns. Here’s something I’ve … Read More

The secret to true inner peace

The secret to inner peace

Un-rest (noun)  A feeling of disturbance and dissatisfaction in a person A state of dissatisfaction, disturbance, and agitation in a group of people Have you ever lived in a state of unrest? Being tugged in every direction, paperwork on every corner, appointments busting out of the calendar? It stinks to live in a state of unrest, but my friend, it is just as bad to live with a feeling of unrest deep in your soul. You know the feeling – like no matter how much water you drink or me-time you get, there’s always that parched bit of soul that never feels satisfied. No inner peace. It’s possible to live with a feeling of unrest even when we live in a state of rest. We can watch Netflix till our eyes crust over and have weekly manicure appointments, but those will not satisfy that parched bit of soul. Likewise, it’s … Read More

Help your child trust God for the future

The oak inside the acorn

I want to help my child trust God for right now, and for the future. But how can I do this? Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook: Does anyone else have a kid who needs to discuss deep theological issues at bedtime? Being the awesome parent that I am, my boy is now confident that God has a plan for his life. But I don’t think we settled on whether that plan is to build a rocket ship or a pet tornado. 😂 I’m so glad my friend is taking the time to talk to her kids at bedtime. This is something that is so hard for me, because I want to simply pop them in bed and move on with my evening. But THIS is what Bedtime Devo Mama is all about – taking time out of our evenings to truly connect with our kids on a … Read More

One way to help your child be thankful at Christmas

help your child be thankful at Christmas

I have repeatedly told my kids that Christmas is not about getting gifts, but until we stop giving them ANY gifts, they’re not really going to believe that, are they? In fact, it seems that I can’t go anywhere in December without strangers asking my children, “What do you want for Christmas?” Is there any way to combat the coveting and ingratitude that always crops up at Christmas? Want to watch instead of read? Is it just me, or is it practically impossible for kids NOT to obsess over gifts at Christmastime? Feelings of gratefulness are expected to come after the swath of gifts has been unwrapped, after the impossibly large meal, after we have been given more than we ever needed. Can we teach our children to be thankful during the Christmas season, not just afterward? Let’s assume the answer to that question is yes. But simply telling our … Read More

Help your child put the “Christ” in Christmas!

put the Christ in Christmas

Does Christmas zip by each year, and the only time you talk about Jesus is when you quickly read a Bible story on Christmas Day? Fear not! There is a fun way to help your child put the Christ in Christmas! Want to watch instead of read? See it here! I tried so hard when my kids were little to make their Christmas strictly about Jesus. But alas, the trappings of a North American Christmas are not shed so easily! We have now settled into a comfortable middle place of setting up a Christmas tree and singing about Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, while still being able to focus on the amazing miracle of the first Christmas. We love to act out the Bible stories (my favourite is when they insist *I* play the part of Baby Jesus), and I have about 20 Christmas books that tell the story from … Read More

One fun (and surprisingly meaningful) way to celebrate Advent

Wise men search for Jesus

Written by Melinda Biel I grew up in a wonderful, God-loving, Jesus-preaching Christian home but for some reason I have not really learned how to celebrate advent other than scarfing down chocolate from a cardboard window. (I actually don’t consider that advent related…I thought it was just a yummy countdown to Christmas Day.) Now that I have 3 kiddos of my own and hear the word ‘advent’ popping up frequently, I decided this year was the year I was going to “take on” advent for real.   Thankfully that’s also when Christie posted her blog article concerning advent. Just as she suggested, I skimmed for ideas first and then read the details of the ones I liked. The idea of having The 3 Wise Men search for baby Jesus (a play on ‘elf on the shelf’) seemed perfect. Simple, fun, doable, and advent-ish enough to check “take on advent” off … Read More

3 things we must do to protect our kids online

protect my kids online

This week, my husband and I attended a movie called “Over 18”,  which is a documentary that talks about the harmfulness of the porn industry, particularly to children and youth. We both came away from the film rather discouraged. It’s a big system, designed to create addiction so that it can make more money. Studies show that 90% of boys and 60% of girls have been exposed to internet pornography before 18. Say WHAT? I just want to put masks over my little boys’ eyes forever. The most powerful testimony in the movie was the 13 year old boy who became addicted to pornography at age 8. ← That’s not a typo. Age 8. And it all happened on the computer in the kitchen, while being homeschooled by his loving Christian parents. These were not negligent parents. They were normal, loving parents, just like you and me. And their boy … Read More

How to help kids deal with anxiety, through faith

How to help kids deal with anxiety through faith

  Do you have any kids that deal with anxiety? I do. It’s hard to watch your child struggle. Let’s talk about how to help our kids deal with anxiety through faith, and direct them toward peace. One of my boys has struggled with anxiety for several years. It’s hard for him to work in groups, it’s hard for him to go to school, and it’s especially hard for him to try new things. Since he was born, I have been praying a blessing over him each night. When he started struggling with anxiety, I changed the blessing from a rather generic one to one about coming to God with all his anxieties. Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your … Read More

How to teach kids about their identity in Christ

Teach kids about their identity

Hi there! My name is Christie. Funny story there – my parents named me Christina, but the only time I heard the full name was when my mom was mad at me. Christie was on half my legal documents and Christina on the other half, which caused quite a snarl when I went to apply for a passport! My parents gave me that name at birth, but that’s not the name God calls me. Did you know that God has a unique name for you, one that reflects the specific way he made you? When I was in grade 3, I sat in a group of 3 desks. I was taking charge of a group project and one of the other kids was annoyed. He called me bossy. And you know what? At that moment, I stopped being bossy. I clammed right up and slowly became a different person. Quiet. … Read More

8 ways to experience Advent (and Christmas) through play

Did you know that children learn incredible amounts through play? It may look to adults that they are “just” playing, but the amount of learning that occurs in the brain when a child is freely enjoying themselves is astounding. (Google “learn through play” to read a ton of info about this!) For example, playing with various sized buckets at a sand and water table is giving a preschool an early understanding of volume. Scribbling helps them learn fine motor skills, and simple puzzles help them identify shapes (which is crucial for understanding letters). I am a huge proponent of letting kids play what they want (within safe limits!) when they want, because it also helps them learn self-discipline, engages their imaginations, and helps with their social skills. When it comes to childhood, free play is essential. But that doesn’t mean you can spark their imaginations with a few strategically placed items! … Read More