How to teach kids about God’s plan for them

God's purpose for your child

(want to see the video on Facebook?) When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I wasn’t half bad, but after 9th grade, I simply stopped writing stories. There just wasn’t time in my busy high school schedule for story-writing, and science became my love. But following my biology degree from the university, I found myself at a church, teaching children about God’s love. (SOME USEFUL BIOLOGY DEGREE, RIGHT?) Even there, I didn’t feel the urge to write. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I started to write again, and it is like my life has been re-purposed. My 8 year old son now loves to write, and has cranked out so many stories and poems that we have a bookshelf stuffed with papers. I really want to encourage him in his gifting, but I know that often LIFE just gets in the way. Right?? … Read More

Quick ideas for praying with squirmy kids

praying with squirmy kids

  My husband and I have 3 boys. Sometimes our house is a little bit crazy. I know, right? You would never have guessed. 😜 When it comes to prayer time, we have STRUGGLED to get them to sit still for just 5 seconds, never mind to pour out their hearts to God. Prayer time has a tendency to look more like insanity than pious praying. We have had to get REAL creative when it comes to praying! BUT – Did you know that the Bible doesn’t say we have to pray sitting still, with our hands folded and our eyes closed? One of my favourite ways to pray is to do it while standing up, laying down, or even pretending to be animals. We also like to use a talking stick. The purpose behind the talking stick is that whoever has the stick says a quick prayer, then passes … Read More

An easy way to connect with your child’s soul

Devotional secrets

Do you struggle to make it a priority to do devotions or share your faith with your kids? Honestly, me too. I’ve never been terribly good with routines. The best way I’ve found to engage my children’s souls is to make it natural. By intentionally placing amazing children’s books on our kitchen table or in their bedrooms, it becomes easy to simply pick it up and read. Then the conversations follow, and voila! Spiritual connection is happening in our home. Seriously, this is probably the shortest blog post you’ve ever read, right? But that’s because connecting with your child’s heart doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with a few strategic changes, you can be connecting on a spiritual level within moments. That’s what my new YouTube channel is all about – simple ideas and book recommendations to help you do this spiritual parenting thing in an authentic way. Want … Read More